Since 1989, LPPC has sponsored Mother’s Day Out or MDO, a special place for your child to play and meet other children from the greater Placitas area. MDO, a cooperative (“co-op”) child-care program, is a non-denominational, outreach program established at LPPC .

The primary mission of the MDO program is to provide children with a safe and loving environment in which to learn to play with one another, to share, and to have fun! MDO provides one full-time care giver, with parents volunteering on a rotating basis so there are always two adults supervising the children. Each parent is responsible for participating in the on-going fundraising activities associated with the program.

Some activities offered in this mixed-age classes include: puzzles, play dough, coloring, games, music, books, short field trips, guest speakers and presentations. The LPPC Church grounds provide a beautiful setting for walks and secure outdoor playground area.

Additional Information:

  • Ages: Children from 18 months to pre-K are welcome at MDO.
  • Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm. Aftercare is currently available Monday-Thursday.  
  • There's no aftercare Friday, and there is no care before 8 am.  
  • Cost/Food: $23 per day per child, with the option of Aftercare from 3-5pm for an additional $15/day, meals are not included in the cost. Each child is expected to bring their lunch with them. The volunteer parent-of-the-day is asked to bring snacks for group that day.

Please visit the Placitas MDO Website or contact the church at (505) 867-3371 during business hours for more information.