LPPC Memorial Garden

On the grounds of LPPC, the Memorial Garden is a sacred place that provides a location for outdoor services, a place for a stroll after church or during concert intermissions, or simply a way to spend a quiet moment of solitude in contemplation during the day. The Garden also offers a range of options for memorialization of residents of Placitas as well as members and friends of the church.

History of Memorial Garden

On September 26, 1999, during a special service, LPPC dedicated the Memorial Garden to the founding families of LPPC. The Memorial Garden was designed by landscape architect Bill Hays, hardscape construction by Patrick Finnegan, planting plan by Judith Phillips, and irrigation by Joe Neas. The design and layout of the Garden includes many distinctive features: a Southwestern arched garden entry, a brick patio outside the entrance to the fellowship hall, a circular Worship Area with stone benches, a pulpit, and a pond with fountain. There is a quiet Meditation Area overlooking the garden, benches for contemplation and behind the pond is a granite slab bearing the inscription "For the Lamb in the midst of the throne shall be their shepherd and will guide them to the springs of living water and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes" (Rev. 7:17).


It was very important that the Memorial Garden be made as a demonstration of low water use, an important consideration in New Mexico. In addition to the multiple native, drought-resistant plantings, irrigation water is pumped into the drip irrigation system from a 1500-gallon holding tank, fed by the acequia during the church's "water day." Many now consider this approach to be a model solution for home gardeners in Placitas, who are barred from using domestic water for irrigation. This method allows the Memorial Garden's rather large area to be irrigated with a tiny fraction of the volume allocated by the church's water rights.

Stewards of the Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden is cared for by volunteers, or Garden Stewards, who are members and friends of LPPC, under the supervision of the LPPC Grounds Committee. The Stewards typically gather for a couple of hours on four Saturday mornings during the growing season for planting, pruning, weeding, raking, emitter-checking, and pond-cleaning. Structural, electrical, or irrigation repairs and improvements are handled by outside contractors. 

Information on work days plus bulletins on garden doings are sent to all Garden Stewards. Anyone wishing to participate should contact the Grounds Committee Chairperson through the church office at 505-867-5718.

Options for Memorialization

To remember loved ones, some may choose a memorial as part of a traditional funeral service held in the sanctuary; others may prefer a service outside in the garden; and still others may wish simply to have a small plaque installed. LPPC wishes to provide the greatest flexibility possible in helping families in their remembrance of loved ones. To discuss services and memorialization options, please contact our Pastor through the church office at 867-5718.

The Columbarium

For those who choose internment of cremated remains, the Memorial Garden's Columbarium, installed in a mossrock wall near the pond, provides 12 niches. Each niche has a brass plate for the name and dates of the decedent. Additional columbaria will be added in the Memorial Garden when the need arises. An information sheet providing details on reserving space and other matters is available in the church office. The cost is $800 for a single niche, or $600 each for two or more niches.

The Scatter Bed

Cremains may be scattered in the bed along the Memorial Walk. There is no charge for this kind of interment.

The Memory Board

The large bronze plaque mounted on the east wall of the church, along the Memorial Walk, contains places for individual cast bronze inserts to be installed to memorialize not only those who have recently passed away, but also those who may have passed away some time ago. The cost is $250 for an insert in the Memorial Board. There are no restrictions on who may be memorialized in this way.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial plaques placed in the garden indicate a gift of a special feature, such as a bench, a tree, or a large planting. The cost is $250 for the plaque, in addition to the cost of the gift. For monetary gifts, a Memorial Donation Fund was established by LPPC. Please call the church office at 867-5718 for more information.