Dignity Mission

Furthering LPPC’s mission to extend God’s love and promise through service and outreach, church members established the “Dignity Mission” in 2019 to ease the suffering and affirm the dignity of those seeking asylum in the United States. Since the beginning the members of the church and local community have generously supported this effort. The mission has grown exponentially since then and has expanded to aiding as many of the homeless migrants as we can reach along the US-Mexico border.

We funnel our donations of Dignity Kits (a collection of essential toiletry items in a Ziploc bag), food, clothing, toys, and other essential items through Dr. Eva Moya, a professor at the University of Texas at El Paso. She works with a large network to ensure that our donations quickly reach people in need. Her family, friends, colleagues and students, and a group of Dominican nuns deliver our donations directly to asylum seekers and other migrants in and near Ciudad Juárez, both in shelters and outside the formal shelter network. 

Dr. Eva Moya. VisiteD lppc
Sunday, August 15, 2021

Listen to her interview with MATTHEW BRONSON ON KUPR

Dr. Eva Moya spoke about humanitarian efforts at the U.S. Mexico border to help families and children seeking asylum in the United States. She focused on the Dignity Mission, a program which is sending thousands of pounds of food, clothing, toiletries and other basic supplies to asylum seekers who await processing at the border in shelters in cities like Juarez, Mexico. These shelters often lack basic supplies to meet the needs of so many people trying to escape desperate conditions in Honduras, Guatemala and other parts of Latin America, but who nonetheless seek to enter the United States through legal means.

Professor Moya was able to inform all those who attended this presentation about how well these efforts are working, why she considers them so critical, and how others can get involved in these efforts.

For more information please call the church at 505-867-5718.